Welcome to Crowmarsh Battle Farms

Crowmarsh Battle Farms Ltd is an arable contract farming company based in South Oxfordshire run by the Chamberlain family. We manage 760 hectares (1880 acres) in hand, with a further 680 hectares (1680 acres) farmed under four separate whole-farm contracts. It is an all arable enterprise matching sound rotations with a developing habitat creation scheme. Satellite-guidance, soil and crop mapping have been pioneered on the farm to help fine tune management decisions.

2019 was the 125th anniversary of the Chamberlain family farming Crowmarsh Battle Farms, with the fourth generation recently entering the family business. Crowmarsh Battle Farms is an all arable enterprise seeing conservation management as complementary to profitable arable farming following LEAF and Integrated Farming principles.

This site has information about the farm’s history and techniques, as well as information on Crowmarsh Battle Barns and other ventures.


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